Adult Creatives Self Portrait Project. Today: Syvlia @theesylvia

Sylvia ( @theesylvia   is a popular East Coast model who has been shot all the big names in our genre. I’ve worked with her before and was delighted by her warm, smart, down to earth nature and a figure anointed by Grecian Gods of old so it’s pretty refreshing to have her submit these very honest, simply made self portraits.

She had these to say about the moment:

“This is just everyday me after I got outta the shower one evening, haha. Most likely between the IT job and doing schoolwork in the evening. I’m really bad at blurbs”

Note on the Darling House Self Portrait Project: 



A few days ago I asked the contributors to Darling House to send in a self portrait of themselves and an accompanying note about what was going on. I’m fascinated by the lives of Creatives with a relationship to the Adult, Erotic or Sexuality Industry. I’m starting with members from Darling House but I’m really eager to hear from all of you from this very diverse, passionate, insane, complex, tender, brutal and above all dynamic world. If you work in this world in a direct or even indirect manner, send us your self portaits! Directors, models, actors, makeup artists, sound guys, lighting people, photographers, writers, producers. Let’s get windows into what’s going on with you: Anything is welcome. Mundane, intense, cell phone pics, high key, goofy, reflections-small moments the encapsulate what you’re going through.




Warm Regards, Joshua Darling



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