NUTCRACKER…by Natasha Gornik

i was going to write out a list of reasons why Santa is most likely bad in the sack but i want a pony and not coal under the tree tomorrow morning and i’ve been such a good girl, naughty only in a consensual nice way i don’t want to piss him off because he is after all real so instead a story:

my first Christmas in New York holiday party open bar at a karaoke joint in chinatown fifteen or seventeen dominatrixes the production crew and the owners of the company the bar was small and cozy with christmas lights and little lamps on each table a small stage in back with a microphone and two large speakers. Sade wore red high heels, that i remember, and i was new to the city new to the company and a little shy and doused it with vodka sodas and shots of jagermeister and soon four of us were in the bathroom kissing and showing each other our tits and it was all very fun and girls gone wild style and over the panties and soon i was back at the bar and someone turned to me and said Tasha and then her tongue was down my throat and i remember thinking her lips were thin and the music got louder and Yas was singing the Eurythmics with Coraline and two others grinding on the table with a small crowd around them cheering and taking pictures with their phones and the room was oversaturated with sexual vibes and merriment and girls were with boys and girls were with girls and interesting goings on in every booth and corner and people were going to fuck people tonight and we stood outside and i wavered from side to side smoking cigarettes and insisted that she fuck me and she said she was too drunk it wouldn’t be good and then three of us in her bed cumming hard around her strapped on cock i think purple him pinning my arms down as i came again and again like seven times and then we were kissing and then he was fucking her and i was watching and listening to her moan i don’t know what else and my eyes were drunk and sleepy and looked like Santa Claus and then we all nestled all snug in her bed while visions of threesomes danced in our heads and wow what a fucking memorable night. Merry Christmas.

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