SWITCHING…by Natasha Gornik

how many cock rings do you think a guy needs? a red one, a blue one? a gold one, a smooth one? one for the morning, one for the night? one for the easy, one for the tight? one shiny, one rigid? are there different sizes, can you get one fitted? for that perfect smooth cock that feels good in your hands. that perfect smooth cock that has many fans. can you adorn it with buttons, or use a little glitter? if you glide your tongue low, will it taste bitter? like metal or cum or piss or a thumb. do you clean it with soap? do you let it air dry? do you wear it all the time, does it squeeze the insides? your manhood, your crane, your penis, your brain. your brain needs a brace? would it look good in lace? do you carry it in your pocket, or on your key ring? if you forget it or lose it, is it a big thing? can it cause a fright? will your cock look alright? fuck it, tonight we turn off the light. good night.

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