PANTIES…by Natasha Gornik

i love panties. Marne gave me these panties. i like to wear thongs during the day, and i love to change into my grandma panties at night. i wore crotchless panties on valentines day. he loved them. i like to be told what kind of panties to wear. Calvin Klein panties are very comfortable, and i own about twenty of the same black lace Hanky Panky panties. i like how panties smell. i used to sneak around and sniff my friends’ dirty panties from their hampers. like in my early twenties. super pervy. i love how pubic hair looks through panties, especially white cotton ones. i love how a wet spot, that wet circle right in the center of the crotch, looks. especially in silk panties. i like thinking about two women rubbing all over one another, in silk panties. i like boy briefs that hang low on the hips. like in pink. or with the days of the week printed in front. i used to loved it when my ex boyfriend, who equally loved panties,would slide on top of me and pull my panties to the side. he liked when i slid on top of him and pulled them to the side. what a win-win situation. i like red slutty panties, and striped rainbow colored full back panties. i like frilly high cut panties with floral patterns, and see through purple panties. i like latex panties and high waisted American Apparel ones. i like throwing away old panties, and wearing new ones. i like tank tops and panties in the summertime. i hate when i get my period on my panties. but i love when i get my period and i get to wear my period panties, which are old and worn and so comfortable. when i go on a trip, i bring lots of panties. i enjoy changing into a fresh pair. i truly love panties.
bras, on the other hand, fucking suck.

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