JERKING OFF…by Natasha Gornik

one time during college i was sitting in class and we had to close our eyes and visualize a certain object and an image of a naked woman with large swollen breasts in a forest popped into my mind and it was summer and dusk so everything had a blue tint to it the bark and her nipples and skin and long wavy hair and she started to rub herself against a tree and slowly bent her knees which were on each side of it and gently slid herself down and then back up again the same slow way and she was moaning and wood chips stuck onto her stomach and mound of pubic hair which was also tinted blue and the professor kept talking about art history and i kept my eyes closed and watched her glide up and down the tree and then i left the classroom and went to the restroom and made sure no one was in it and then i masturbated in the stall i was so unbelievably lusty and had to relieve myself it was almost painful. and once i came i looked down and realized i had just started my period. it was an extraordinary chain of events. that was years ago and even further back when i was three or four i had been humping the couch at my Grandma’s house just laying on my stomach pleasing myself and my aunts were passing by and giggling and i remember feeling uncomfortable and awkward but didn’t want to stop because it felt so good but i think i did anyway and this is when i first learned that people don’t masturbate in public. and i stopped doing that for a little while but started up again when we moved and i remember masturbating myself under the desk with a pair of little plastic scissors during arts and crafts and then on the corner of the neighbor’s handrail outside of their front door i got a big rush from it and not too long ago we were driving back and we got off the highway and pulled into the parking lot of a big motel it was a bright sunny day and he reclined the car seats and told me to take my pants and shoes and underwear off which i did and he got on top of me and we started to fuck and after he had cum he put my seat up a little bit and i sat there with my legs bent and spread and rubbed myself as he finger fucked me and told me stories about babygirls and daddys and i felt that same lust overcome me i didn’t care who saw who passed by the car i was so hot and needed to cum so badly and he kissed and bit my inner thighs as he dipped his middle and forefinger in and out of my soaking wet pussy and i closed my eyes and the sensations rippled through me as i orgasmed long and hard and i had dripped all over the seat and the wetness seeped through my jeans once i put them back on. masturbation is a very strange word.

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