TEA FOR THREE…by Natasha Gornik

in the heat of the night
the moment so right
the look in his eyes
bore a new light
the question at bay
could tonight be the night?
will you give up the fight?
Give up that sweet tight
mother nature has come
the blood flows so strong
second day is the worst
too much of a mess
if i stick my cock in
the blood gives me stress
but i’m just so turned on
i can’t bear to think
of not fucking something
i must stick in pink
Ease it in
Yeah that’s it
Lots of lube
lots of spit
Easy does it
Just the tip
In and out
Slow and steady
A little deeper
That hole’s ready
Getting loose
Just relax
Take deep breaths
fuck that ass
fuck it wet
fuck it hairy
virgin style
pop that cherry
anal cherry
spit the pit
use my fingers on your clit
and your pussy
fuck you double
quite an occasion
porn star class
I’m gonna cum
In your sweet tight

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