Salope:French slang.  Slut, whore, cunt, bitch, etc.

Solipsist: Someone who subscribes to solipsistic philosophy, which, in a nutshell says that all experience is essentially centered around our individual consciousness. In other words, all that really exists is what you perceive.  The world revolves around you, an on and on.


What is the heart chakra about?

I’m not going to lie.  Usually the first thing I think when I look in the mirror is that I want to be thinner and more attractive.  At this point its merely out of laziness.  My face and my body are my business and it would make business a lot easier…and I’ve really been putting myself through the paces lately.

I’m more overwhelmed by the feeling that all of us are fat, that I’m surrounded by fat, that I’m suffocating in a weird fat suit.  I feel like a snake splitting open its old skin.  You get the idea.

Maybe its just that I’m in a period of sloughing off.  I’m not sure.  I know that lately I’m inundated with memories of the past, especially the most painful parts of it.



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  1. Firstly I must say since I’ve come across the darlinghouse site and more specifically you, I’ve quite enjoyed your intimant musings and peeks into your fantastically odd personality. Please don’t take the word “odd” as an insult. I say it in the most respectful way I can possibly convey. I really admirer you bold complexities an eccentricities.
    Addressing your post now, it’s definitely something I can relate too. Sometimes those thoughts and dwellings make me feel quite vain and my reasoning is driven my egotistical motives to fit in. Sometimes, that’s the case. It’s honestly the one time I wish my mindset were that of a male with know whims about his looks. However, I’ve come to realize as you, its just a really fucking annoying period of meandering that most people; especially us women, go through at random sections of life. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless you make it so of course. Your past can only corrupt the present if you let it. I would know unfortunately. I sincerely hope this particular patch passes over you smoothly though. Your way to beautiful, outwardly an in, to fret on such annoyances Ms. Syre.

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