After Fall, Winter

To be honest, I’m not sure what makes me more uncomfortable; being photographed in clothes, or being studied by a discerning man.

Steven St. Croix kind of sees everything, and it can be disconcerting to be in the presence of someone who is paying attention.

I haven’t been photographed off of a set or outside the context of selling myself sexually since I started shooting porn two years ago.

It was nice to spend an afternoon with a stranger, being photographed as we became acquainted.

It’s study in something, from beginning to end, but I’m smiling by the time we’re done.


sov1 sov7 sov11 sov12


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3 Responses to After Fall, Winter

  1. me says:

    These are really stunning.

    5th from top in amazing.

  2. mstrhole says:

    Beautiful photos.

    I particularly love the red beret. Very fetching.

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