Submissives in the hands of a loving Dom Photos by Dave Naz via Sovereign

Dave Naz is incredible.

I don’t know if I always liked to be dominated and just never knew it because I was so repressed, or if the love of it is a product of the person that I have become over time.  Nothing is more satisfying or comforting than being in the hands of a masterful Dom.  Being rigged into rope bondage is as relaxing to me as getting a massage.  I can’t explain it.

These photos are amazing.  They’re a little different.  I’m not wearing makeup and I’m vulnerable.  I enjoy that from time to time as a model and as a performer, I like to experience things and I want to be depicted feeling those experiences, not experiencing them perfectly.


NAZ_0028 NAZ_0048 NAZ_0091 NAZ_0105  NAZ_0158 NAZ_0173 NAZ_0177  NAZ_0215 NAZ_0219 NAZ_0234 NAZ_0235 NAZ_0276 NAZ_0309 NAZ_0343 NAZ_0350

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2 Responses to Submissives in the hands of a loving Dom Photos by Dave Naz via Sovereign

  1. Jackie Lauderdale says:

    This was beautiful, very erotic.
    I didn’t realize bondage could be gentle or loving.
    The music to the video fit.
    Lost for words.

  2. E says:

    Beautiful photos. I often wondered if you enjoyed being dominated after watching some of your scenes with Dana V.

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