My Own Private Dahlia, preview by JM Darling

As I’ve shared here I have a very personal, erm -florid- dark legacy to the Black Dahlia case. It’s something that sits with me almost daily–my primary positive role mode, my grandfather,  a Zeus/Howard Hughes type figure with a genius IQ, friends with Many Ray and John Huston, lover of art, women and travel, the man who encouraged me to snap photos and live large and fearlessly–this man who I knew as a kindly grandfather-he is also the man, who as a young man, is said to not only have been Betty Short’s boyfriend but also her murderer.

What am I left with? If (big if) if the people who made you what you are, (an artist, bon vivant, traveler, questioner) are monsters-what does that make you.

I’m in the process of created a series that span a live multimedia who that spans live events and film that deal with this, and other dark art legacy. Here are a couple previews of Dominatrix January Seraph who lends herself to the project. Expect to see, when done, some of the most provocative names in adult making cameo in this exploration in the abyss and hopefully, bliss.

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