i call a bat signal and we are in the bedroom four minutes later. a puppy pad is put out and we are excited prepping for the activities that lay moments ahead taking out the hitachi and various g-spot toys and he asksif he should get undressed as i take off my jeans and shirt then sprawl over the pad on the bed and i am nervous but not as much as before more like a churning urning burning right under my breast bone and i spread my legs and breathe deeply and she drizzles slick cold lube onto her fingers and rubs them together to warm it up and he gets undressed anyhow and fingers make touchdown and worked their way down to the lips rubbing up over both and i close my eyes and hear the hum of a vibrator working it’s way towards my middle and landing right on my clit and i moan because that’s what needed to happen a moan escapes me uncontrollably and then he bites down on my nipple which caused another and she worked me for a while and told me i was a good girl and i cum and that is number one and flip me over onto my stomach and spank me spank it hard and my back arches so my ass is closer to her hand and then cold glass in and out of me hitting my g-spot and groans behind me and the sound of kissing and she tells me to scream into the pillow and i hold on tight feeling like a little girl and cum again. they ask if i want more i say one more please and she uses the purple dildo rubbing all of my girly parts simultaneously until i am cumming again and then i tell them i will masturbate as they fuck and she nestles between my legs as he enters and fucks her good and plenty and she digs her nails into the skin of my calves and it feels really good and i want to ask her to dig deeper but don’t and she does it anyway and i watch her breasts bounce up and down as he pounds into her deep and slow and firm and then she says it is his turn and lays next to me as he jerks off over us and proceeds to cum all over my tits and the aim goes awry and some lands in my mouth and i taste it because why not and we begin to laugh and someone asks if Thai sounds good for dinner.


i love my friends.

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