My Sister Celine by Sovereign

So here it is.  The box cover of the first movie I ever made.  My Sister Celine. I play Celine, a troubled troublemaker who sets her sights on her brother’s fiance, played by Jasmine Jem.

Reserved, slender brunette Beth has just gotten engaged to nice guy Liam, and travels home with him on holiday to meet his family. But when the self-conscious bride-to-be meets her fiancee's sister Celine, she feels an instant connection to the hauntingly beautiful, intense young woman. As Beth's curiosity for her wild sister in law grows, Celine begins a game of psychological chess designed to upset Beth's fragile sexual identity. But does Celine's quest for pleasure mask a dark, disturbing secret? How much is Beth willing to risk to find out? Introducing new lesbian superstar Sovereign Syre in an unforgettable debut performance.


It’s my first box cover, even if it wasn’t my first movie to be released.  This will always be first to me.  I think the image is a little glamorous given the tone of the film, which was almost more of an independent movie than an adult feature.  It’s also funny to see myself in the glamour machine.

vs. real life:

I wish I could show you guys more of the stills from the feature.  Perhaps in time some galleries will appear where you can see some of the darker portraits that JM Darling took on set.



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One Response to My Sister Celine by Sovereign

  1. Miguel -kushcatlan- says:

    I like both, but I prefer the real life shot 100% and I looking forward to get the movie.

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