Weights and Measures

I’ve been on a starvation diet lately. I’m still spending a lot of money at the lingerie shop though. It’s funny to me that when you complain about weight anxiety publicly, people automatically assume you need to be reassured of how beautiful you are. It’s just not true. I’m just complaining about another aspect of my job. Moreover, I think its very arrogant of people to have the attitude of “I think you’re beautiful, so you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself.” I mean, what about how I feel about my body?

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  1. you have every right to feel anyway you want about your body,but calling people arrogant because they are trying to encourage you and even tho they might think your really beautiful in their eyes thats being a bit contrary don’t ya think?

    • sovereignsyre // November 19, 2012 at 5:31 am // Reply

      I’m objecting to the patronizing attitude that as a sex worker who makes her living with her body, if I’m sharing frustrations with trying to maintain that body, what I’m really doing is fishing for compliments. I’m not.

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